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Aparna Shetty We can’t express how much we are happy…. We strongly recommended Dr Neelam Bhise because she has work hard and perfect in her work. She is so polite and make us understand like a friend. So blessed and God bless to Dr Neelam and her team. Genisis Fertility deserve hatsoff. They all are god for us
Kavita Patel The first thing that impressed me was Dr. Neelam’s enormous confidence in her therapy despite being a very young professional. It was not just a feel-good reassurance that I got from her but a scientific explanation as to why a certain treatment can work or fail, which totally appealed to my questioning nature. Unlike many patient experiences that I have heard about,she never once trivialized my doubts or anxieties but went about logically explaining why I am experiencing them. My entire journey to motherhood was stress-free, smooth and enjoyable, thanks to Dr. Neelam Bhise. Aparna Shetty
Zuset UK Dr. Neelam Bhise is a very experienced, friendly and comfortable fertility specialist. She gives appropriate medication and doesn’t believe in a long list of drugs and tests. She is very knowledgeable and her diagnosis was spot on. She clarified all my doubts no matter how silly and reassured me whenever I was worried. I recommend others to visit this doctor for all your infertility problems.
Sulochana Choughule Mumbai Dr. Neelam Bhise has been extremely instrumental and an excellent guide throughout my pregnancy. I became first time pregnant in my 30’s and along with it, came numerous age related queries, concerns and general anxiety, i.e. whether I will be able to pull it off well. However, under Dr Neelam’s treatment and guidance, I got the chance of experiencing the most joyful feeling of motherhood. Dr. Neelam’s expertise in the area coupled with her calm and friendly demeanour brought a great deal of confidence in our overall pregnancy experience. I would strongly recommend Dr. Neelam Bhise expertise to any couple planning for the joys of parenthood.
Varsha Chavhan Kamothe, Navi Mumbai We have been trying to conceive and worked our way through several failed attempts for three years before we met Dr. Neelam Bhise. I started consulting her in January 2016 and she helped me get pregnant by March 2016 using IVF treatment. During my first visit itself, she reassured me that I had numerous options for conceiving and that she was fairly confident that I would be able to get pregnant. She gives patient-specific treatment and her timely interventions did give us pregnancy in the first attempt of IUI itself. She has responded to every call and message during my pregnancy. Her level of care is so personalised that at times, I truly felt like I was her only patient although she was attending to so many other patients in her office. She is incredibly knowledgeable and intelligent doctor for infertility. I strongly recommend Dr. Neelam Bhise to any of my friends and colleagues for getting conceived. I and my husband are thankful to Dr. Neelam very much for our happiness on the arrival of the newest member to our family.
Priyanka Mokal: vashi, Navi Mumbai My personal experience with Dr. Neelam Bhise was very good. What I like about Dr. Neelam Bhise is her positive attitude, personal attention and patience to answering queries and concerns, even when sometimes it could be the silliest thing. Thanks for the support and positivity you have given in this whole journey. I find her very knowledgeable with current fertility treatments. I recommend folks to visit to Dr. Neelam Bhise
Mr and Mrs Chikne Mumbai We have been married for three years and took consultation in so many places for a child, but none of them worked for us. Our final resort was Dr Neelam Bhise. Right from the beginning, she instilled a lot of positivity in us and within one month, she made me conceive with mild treatment and also at low cost. Now, we are blessed with a beautiful, healthy girl baby. There are a few who cross our path of life that remain forever in our hearts, one whose comfort, care and concern have been an unyielding part. We want to thank Dr. Neelam Bhise for her contribution for filling our future with happiness
Prabhjyot Kaur: Austrilia My association with Dr. Neelam Bhise happened at a crucial time when my earlier doctor left abruptly. Right from day one, Dr. Neelam Bhise ensured that I was comfortable and built confidence in me. She would go an extra mile in order to help her patients – provides personalised care and is always just a text message or a call away. She would have a transparent discussion and helps us understand pros and cons very well. I strongly recommend Dr. Neelam Bhise if you are looking for a doctor who is approachable, positive and new-age.
Asha Yadav, Kharghar From the day When Myself and my wife met Dr. Neelam Bhise for the first time in acme Fertility, our personal experience of consulting with Dr. Neelam Bhise is excellent. She is full of positive energy and very much dedicated which gives us hope and make us more comfortable to proceed with IVF treatment. She is quite knowledgeable, very patient, friendly like a family member and kept answering all our queries whenever required. And more importantly, she treats our family members very well and explained each and every step in the IVF process in detail. Especially during the IVF treatment process after embryo transfer, I had to go to France for official trip for a month. I discussed this situation with Dr Neelam and she said she will take care and provide all support to my wife during my official trip. During my official trip my wife faced critical situation (blood discharge). And almost she went unconscious and lost hope. But she managed and called doctor at 9:00 PM.Dr. Neelam Bhise advised for appropriate medication which saved our life and babies too 🙂 Now we are very very happy to have twin babies. Expecting to see them in two months. I am grateful to Dr Neelam for her best treatment to us… her kindness, generosity, patience, professionalism, talent, expertise & compassion and more than that her sweet smile… 🙂 I highly recommendDr. Dr. Neelam Bhise for IVF/infertility treatment.
Kavita Bhawar Mumbai Dr. Neelam Bhise For me you are an angel! I don’t know where to start in expressing my heartfelt joy in meeting you mam I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in making my dreams to be a mother come true. Thank you so much for treating me so well .I got pregnant soon in your medication. We could not have done without you mam .My husband and I welcomed our son into the world. You have been an instrumental piece in our journey. Thank you so much mam. Our joy is so deep.
Alwyn & Jane: Qatar “Joy to our World”
We embarked on the journey of creating a family and with immense pride would like to announce that Asian Surrogacy made it possible.
After a series of discussions with the reputed doctors (Dr. Neelam, Dr. Reeta and Dr. Milind) who added wings to our dreams, our paths treaded into a beautiful paradise where we were able to add little footprints of joy in our otherwise quiet life with the arrival of our miracle.
With professional guidance and expertise from the doctors, we were gifted with a beautiful baby girl on 9th July 2018. With our dreams accomplished, our world is now filled with bountiful blessings and miles of happiness. Our darling daughter is so very special and precious to us.
We thank God Almighty, the doctors, the staff of Asian Surrogacy and our family for supporting us during the entire voyage. A huge thank you to the surrogate mother for her indebted sacrifice who now is a part of our family prayer.
Our little one may not have grown in my womb, but is growing everyday in my heart.
~ Thankful Mother
Proud parents,
– Alwyn & Jane
Tanushree Parkhe US We had been trying to grow our family for many years but were not successful. We finally decided to seek help. Last year searching online, I found contact details for Asian Surrogacy & reaches out to them. Right from first go, Asian surrogacy had been supportive & answered all our questions. Dr Neelam Bhise explained us the details so well & in simple manner that all our fears & worries were put to rest. And finally our prayers were answered. Princess Myra was born in February 2019 & made us a family. Special thanks to Dr Rita & Pranali from Admin team who were constantly in touch with us & shared every detail of the surrogates pregnancy & reports.
We are so glad that we met Dr Neelam Bhise & her staff who helped us achieve our dream of having our own little miracle.